Soy — Health Food or Not?


-Soy protein has been touted for years as a “healthy” product that can lower your risk of heart disease, but the FDA recently announced the claim is temporarily off the table due to “inconsistent findings”
-There’s no guarantee you won’t see continued advertising on food packages saying soy is good for you, as between now and the FDA’s final ruling on the matter, manufacturers can continue advertising the claim
-Antinutrients in soy include phytates, which prevent the absorption of certain minerals, estrogens (which can block the hormone estrogen and disrupt endocrine function) and goitrogens, which interfere with your thyroid function
-Numerous Asian populations, typically Japanese, who are arguably healthier than those eating a Western diet, have traditionally eaten fermented soy, such as miso, natto and tempeh, which helps to deactivate some of the antinutrients soy contains

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