How Fasting and Minimizing Lectins Can Benefit Your Health

-Patients with autoimmune conditions will typically experience significant improvement when adopting a lectin-free diet
-In a recent paper, Dr. Steven Gundry showed that 90 of 102 patients had complete remission of all biomarkers for autoimmune disease by removing lectins, and all within a six-month period
-If you have leaky gut from a disturbed microbiome and eat a lot of lectins, saturated fats may worsen your health by allowing lipopolysaccharides to piggyback on the fats through your intestinal wall
-People with autoimmune diseases typically have low vitamin D levels and may need higher than normal doses. Vitamin D is essential for stem cell proliferation in your gut, and until your gut barrier is healed, your absorption of vitamin D may be impaired
-Water fasting is a powerful metabolic intervention that activates autophagy, allowing your body to clean itself out, and triggers the regeneration of stem cells

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