Newsletter February 2020

On March 5th 2020 from 8:30 a scientific-cultural event entitled “Diabesity, Integrated Therapy of an Epidemic” will be held at the Senate of the Italian Republic (Palazzo Giustiniani, Rome), organized by our Nutrage Association (President Dr. A Cavezzi) together with the Italian PNEI Society (President Prof. M. Bologna and Honorary President Prof. F. Bottaccioli). The issue of the widespread of patients affected by type 2 diabetes, with its negative consequences such as obesity, cardiovascular and cerebral atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, neurodegeneration, cancer, will be brought to the attention of politicians, journalists, doctors and health professionals.

In fact, there are about 4 million patients with type 2 diabetes in Italy, at a cost of around 13-14 billion euros per year for the national health system. For this pathology, scientific research is increasingly highlighting the great therapeutic potentials consisting of proper nutrition and intermittent fasting, together with adequate physical activity and better management of chronic stress. The conference will also and above all be an opportunity to highlight these multiple and validated extra-pharmacological therapies; the preliminary results of a study currently underway at our clinic based on adequate nutrition and lifestyle will also be presented in patients with type 2 diabetes (the “Diabesity” project). Participation is free, subject to mandatory registration for authorized access, by virtue of the limited places available.

Ultimately, this is an opportunity to raise awareness among politicians, administrators and health professionals about the serious reality of exponentially growing diabetes, but also about the scientifically proven possibilities offered by lifestyle and nutrition-based therapies, which, if implemented in the health service national level, could guarantee a qualitative leap in the effectiveness of prevention and treatment with significant savings also on an economic level.

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A new article, on the potentials of integrated medicine, hormesis and PNEI in aging, has been recently published. At this link you can access the abstract:

A little contribution to move science towards a better understanding and a comprehensive therapeutic approach to chronic degenerative diseases and aging.

We report a very interesting congress of the Italian Society of Psychoneuroendocrineimmunology (SIPNEI), which will be held in Florence from 20 to 22 March 2020.

For those interested in participating, the relevant information can be found through this link:

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